Take a Spring Walk

Take a Spring Walk

Photo Credit: Susan B. Griffith

Now that the rains have abated, it is the perfect time to put on shoes and get some fresh air. Here are a list of benefits to walking from a leading medical professional, David B. Agus, MD:

  1. You'll prevent weight gain and perhaps walk off weight.
  2. You'll reduce your risk of cancer.
  3. You'll reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke.
  4. You'll reduce your risk of diabetes.
  5. You'll boost brain power and inspire creativity.
  6. You'll improve your mood.
  7. You'll relieve stress.
  8. You'll stimulate a connection to nature and encourage self-reflection.
  9. You'll gain a mental alertness on par with that you'd get from a cup of coffee.
  10. You'll live longer.

There are so many positive benefits to walking. Make sure to incorporate it into your day!

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Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day

Go for a walk, hike, or bike this weekend to celebrate.Father's Day is a great time to celebrate family and health. Spend time with your loved one, or gift him something that will keep him moving through the summer.

  • If there is an activity he is interested in, give him the gift of classes to try it out (e.g yoga, kayaking, or surfing).

  • Buying clothes or accessories for a physical activity he already does, this can inspire a dad to keep active with his favorite pastime of choice.

  • Go for a walk, hike, or bike this weekend to celebrate.

  • Visit local or state parks to enjoy the outdoors.

Happy Father's Day from us at North Bay Physical Therapy!!

Sitting Cross Legged AKA Easy Pose AKA Criss Cross Applesauce

This seated yoga pose has many names. My son saw me seated in this position, and using preschooler jargon told me, "Mom, you are doing criss cross applesauce". When I pick up my son from preschool, I see a group of children at circle time in this pose regularly. Children just do the pose, because they are used to being on the floor. Adults, who get used to chairs, can find lowering to the floor to be a challenge

Sitting puts the largest load on the spine of any activity, so it is important to pay attention to how ones body is aligned when doing this activity. The name easy pose can seem like a cruel joke, until you modify the posture to suit individual needs.

If you cannot sit on the floor, use a block, blanket, or pillow under the buttocks. Sometimes these set ups do not provide comfort, or balance issues prohibit a person from lowering onto the floor. If so, then find an appropriate chair and do the seated pose. Knee injuries can prohibit a person from crossing the legs. An alternative is to sit in a chair with the feet flat on the ground. Tight hips can benefit from a chair, if the ground positions are not appropriate. One leg at a time can be crossed to gradually open the hips.

Regardless of the setup, there are several observations each person should make:

* First, a person should find where their pelvis is oriented to the surface beneath it. Rolling the pelvis back and forth to find neutral. Also, using a tripod arrangement of the sit bones and the pubic bone can reduce muscular effort of the spinal muscles. 

*Next, the weight of the lower body should drop into the ground and the spine should lengthen upward toward the sky to find these oppositional qualities in the body. 

*Finally, look at the habitual patterns in this posture. Are you always crossing the same leg in front? Where can you effort less? 

This pose has been used for thousands of years for meditation. People still use it today. It is a good posture to focus on the body and pay attention to that moment.

Keep Moving with Spring Allergies

Photo courtesy of Susan B. Griffith

Photo courtesy of Susan B. Griffith

Spring is here which means the days are getting longer and warmer, but it can also mean a battle with allergies. What can you do to keep physically active?

1. If you know that you are allergic to specific allergens, remind yourself to wear sunglasses to keep pollen out of your eyes, stay away from synthetic fabrics that attract pollen, and move activities indoors if breathing is a problem. 

2. Exercise at the time of day when pollen counts are lower--early morning, late afternoon, or evening.

3. If you are a gardener, make sure to wash hands, hair, and change clothes so the pollen does not follow you indoors.

4. Cleaning is great exercise, and it rids the indoors of allergens. 

Introducing the new northbaypt.com

Hello everyone! My name is Heather Griffith, and I am a physical therapist at North Bay Physical Therapy. North Bay wants to give back to the community via this blog. We wish to provide information for the community regarding physical therapy advice, how we work with the human body, current issues for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and techniques that we find successful in the clinic. 

It is now four years since I became a licensed physical therapist, with a prior career in modern dance and yoga. Each day is rewarding as it gives me new opportunities to work with people and embark on new journeys of discovery with each one. 

Although challenges exist as well, it is completely delightful when I meet a former patient outside of the clinic, or in the clinic, see a person find balance in his/her body that was not previously there. It is hard to stay in touch once patients are discharged from the clinic, so this journal and our newsletter can keep everyone connected easily. We are building this website and journal to update the general public about all the clinic has to offer--including therapeutic yoga, Feldenkrais, and pre/postnatal therapy. 

We will send out a newsletter with updates, journal entries and event information. SIGN UP HERE to stay connected.

Special thanks to Chad Kamenshine for designing this website and teaching me to become more technologically aware. And, Sudhir Dass deserves credit for the majority of the photographs on this site.