Hello everyone! My name is Heather Griffith, and I am a physical therapist at North Bay Physical Therapy. North Bay wants to give back to the community via this blog. We wish to provide information for the community regarding physical therapy advice, how we work with the human body, current issues for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and techniques that we find successful in the clinic. 

It is now four years since I became a licensed physical therapist, with a prior career in modern dance and yoga. Each day is rewarding as it gives me new opportunities to work with people and embark on new journeys of discovery with each one. 

Although challenges exist as well, it is completely delightful when I meet a former patient outside of the clinic, or in the clinic, see a person find balance in his/her body that was not previously there. It is hard to stay in touch once patients are discharged from the clinic, so this journal and our newsletter can keep everyone connected easily. We are building this website and journal to update the general public about all the clinic has to offer--including therapeutic yoga, Feldenkrais, and pre/postnatal therapy. 

We will send out a newsletter with updates, journal entries and event information. SIGN UP HERE to stay connected.

Special thanks to Chad Kamenshine for designing this website and teaching me to become more technologically aware. And, Sudhir Dass deserves credit for the majority of the photographs on this site.