Photo Credit: Susan B. Griffith

Now that the rains have abated, it is the perfect time to put on shoes and get some fresh air. Here are a list of benefits to walking from a leading medical professional, David B. Agus, MD:

  1. You'll prevent weight gain and perhaps walk off weight.
  2. You'll reduce your risk of cancer.
  3. You'll reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke.
  4. You'll reduce your risk of diabetes.
  5. You'll boost brain power and inspire creativity.
  6. You'll improve your mood.
  7. You'll relieve stress.
  8. You'll stimulate a connection to nature and encourage self-reflection.
  9. You'll gain a mental alertness on par with that you'd get from a cup of coffee.
  10. You'll live longer.

There are so many positive benefits to walking. Make sure to incorporate it into your day!

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